Why Any Woodworking Shop Needs A Bench Vise

A bench vise is definitely a very versatile tool for the shop. But the problem is it’s not immediately obvious HOW great one is to have around. How many applications does it really have? The bench vise is like another set of really strong hands. Even if you have someone else around, they don’t have the grip and stability that the vise offers.

Below is a great video from Izzy Swan on making your own nice bench end vise, but first, here are a few ideas of what this great tool can offer you as a woodworker:


If you are using glue on a woodworking project, the vise will come in handy. On certain projects with small glue ups, it can be easier to use the bench vise than clamps. It’s typically quick to open, set, then close the vise to clamp the two pieces together. If the project involves precise measurement and gluing – the bench vise will hold steady while you take care of this.


Some woodworkers still use the traditional handsaw. Maybe you have a pipe you need to cut with the hacksaw. Either way this tool will hold the lumber steady while you make the cut. It’s a very reliable way to hold the woodstock while you make the cut. Also You can cut mortise and tenons freehand with the piece clamped. Definitely – this beats trying to cut a piece of wood while holding one end down with your hand.


Need an accurate hole drilled? This versatile tool will help! It can be vital when drilling for precision as well as accuracy. Again, holding a small piece with your hand the lumber can slip and be ruing by the bit skating across the top.


Sanding, especially with a smaller piece of lumber, is difficult – especially when using sandpaper. But even with an electric sander such as an orbital sander. The vise will minimize the work you put on yourself, and save you from a lot of hand cramps. If you have ever tried to sand with a random orbital sander on a small piece, you know it spins that sucker in a circle and shoots it across the room. But not if it’s clamped tight. It’s much more secure than using your hands. So it prevents a struggle.


Conduit and PVC are in many woodworking shops. Not just for electrical, but also for air supply and dust collection. There are many uses in the woodworking shop. The bench vise will be perfect to making this cut.

Check out this great video below by Izzy Swan. It’s not expensive and a great tool for your shop. © 2017 Easy woodworking projects and plans! Frontier Theme