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CONTEST RUNS FROM JULY 12, 2016 – JULY 19, 2016

Who doesn’t like free stuff? I know I do. In fact, Here at Woodesigner we have been contacting various companies and communicating with them online about giving away their products here on my site!

One company that I have come across, imperialrings.com, got with me about 3 prizes that the owner, Phil Hudson, would like to give away for me to sponsor his site here. Odds are you are thinking to yourself, what does a ring company have to do with woodworking? Phil’s company has a lot to do with it!

ringsIf you are like me, you beat up all of your wedding bands. Or if not married and wear a ring, odds are you put it through the wringer working with your hands. I personally went through 3 wedding bands within just the first 10 years of my marriage, so I can attest to the fact that if you do a lot of physical labor, then you will put a beating on your rings. This is typical from woodworkers as well as those that do a lot of shop work.

As a gift, Phil Hudson let me choose any of the metal rings on his site and sent it to me in my size. I went with the Carbon Blue. I have to tell you, this so far has been my favorite wedding band. It is the image on the right here. Awesome product, THANK YOU PHIL!

Imperial Rings – Why Woodworker’s Benefit

These rings are designed to either break or tear, depending on which type you get. The silicone rings will tear off, and can be used additionally as a replacement to your normal wedding band when in the shop. The metal rings will snap because they are made from Tungsten Carbide, which will actually shatter when put under a lot of pressure. Paramedics can shatter them with pliers. It falls under the hard metal category so they are more scratch resistant as well.

How does this help? In multiple ways. The silicone rings will tear in a machine if it gets caught somewhere. These can also function as your work ring, to prevent an expensive wedding band from getting beat up. These have a lifetime replacement guarantee.  If you tear or break it for any reason, just send it back to ImperialRings and you will get a brand new one sent to you at no cost.

If you have a metal ring from this company, and your hand gets caught in a machine, the odds will fall on the ring shattering instead of your hand getting the full brunt of the force. As an example, when I was working at a plywood mill, an employee got his wedding band stuck in a gear. It was moving, so it took his entire layer of skin off with the ring, like a sleeve. All that was left was the muscle (and lots of blood everywhere.) This could have been prevented with one of these great rings!

Here is what the contest is all about. All you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom of this post. Once you give me your name and email address, then that’s it! You have entered the contest. We will let visitors enter the contest for about a week. I will then draw 3 names from the list, and these will be our 3 Winners. If you don’t win, then there will be a discount code for all who enter the contest. 30% off their entire order placed with ImperialRings. Here is what you will win:


1st – All 4 of the current colors: Red, Black, Gray, & Blue, and one of each of our new three colors of the silicone bands and ANY metal ring from ImperialRings.com – A $500 value


Award Ribbons, 1St, 2Nd And 3Rd Place2nd – All 4 of the current silicone Rings  – And any metal ring 225 dollars or less.  A $305 value.


Award Ribbons, 1St, 2Nd And 3Rd Place3rd – All 4 of our current silicone rings- An $80 value.



To see what rings they have available, click this link below:


Remember, we are going to have 3 winners. If you don’t win, then you still can benefit by getting 30 percent off of your entire order with imperialrings.com. This is a real contest with real winners, so just be sure that you enter today!


CONTEST RUNS FROM JULY 12, 2016 – JULY 19, 2016


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