Make Your Own Clamps

clamps photoClamps are needed when it comes to woodworking. I don’t remember a project where I didn’t at least have to hold something down with a clamp. In my woodworking business where we sell outdoor patio furniture. I have to have about 30 spring clamps alone to assemble one porch swing.

But is there something that you have noticed about most clamps? They are made out of metal! And yes, this makes them last. But you can construct a clamp out of wood that is so cheap, if you had a hundred of them they all would last. Why is wood better? Because it doesn’t mar the wood like metal does. You don’t have to “prep” the clamp points on it by putting something soft there, like you do on metal clamps.

So how do you make your own. It is easy. Al Forte made a number of them to hold his pool cover down. You can use his method to make many other styles of clamps. They can have a different throat, a different height on the throat, and so on.

Here is the video that Al Forte made of him making his own clamps. Use it and improvise on it for your own personal clamping system!:

Photo by K deV

Photo by Runder

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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