Why Not To Wash Away The Glue On Squeeze Out Right Away

Close Up Rough Hand Squeezing Wood GlueThis question was submitted not too long back. “Recently, I watched a television program about a woodworking expert. While I watched him put together a lengthy project in about 30 minutes, I saw that he promptly washed away glue squeeze using a damp cloth after clamping. I thought that doing this weakens glue joints. Is that correct?”

Here is the answer. Tite-Bond’s manufacturers were contacted to find out how water effects glue joints. Here’s what they said:

You shouldn’t ever run away glue using a wet cloth. Doing this will water down the glue and may move it around. In some cases, the diluted glue may be forced down into the joint.

Instead, you should use a 3M Scotch-Brite pad or synthetic steel wool. Both items are able to pick up glue without moving it around. You should keep one of these items in a bowl of water nearby as you glue your boards. When needed, you should grab the pad by the corner, allowing any extra water to drain out. After that, you should wipe it with a damp pad, keeping your strokes short and giving them a rolling motion. Rolling the pad will help to scrape glue away from the wood instead of rubbing it further in. When a pad becomes soaked in glue, simply rinse it off with water.

If you follow this method, you shouldn’t have any problems with watery glue being pushed into the joint or the wood’s pores. This is a good reminder not to believe everything that you see on television.

So there you go. Straight from the manufacturer themselves!


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Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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