Making A Low Cost Saw Blade Sharpener

BladeTable saw blades can get expensive, especially if you have a production shop. But even without, if you have to buy a new blade everytime one gets dull, then that stuff starts to add up over time. I know I have gone through a ton of sawblades in the furniture making business, and that is because we have to cut a ton of slats. Think about that. Each swing has on average about 25 slats, and think about the years that I sold 2000 swings.

Fortunately I have always used cypress on the furniture, so it doesn’t affect the blades or equipment near as much as say oak or even virgin pine. (Hybrid pine is what is mostly used today, and it is pretty soft.) –

One thing that I finally figured out though is to get my blades sharpened, and this saves a good bit of money. For one, unless you get a higher end blade, the blade isn’t usually going to come at its sharpest that it can be. This is because the companies that manufacturer them realize if it starts out at its sharpest, then it will last you longer. So though they don’t put a dull edge on the blade, it definitely isn’t at its peak.

I found that out once I started getting my blades sharpened because when I got them back and put them on the saws, I couldn’t believe how much better they cut! So even if someone else sharpens them for you, it still is cheaper than getting a brand new blade, and it will outlast the manufactured blades 2 to 1 in many cases.

Now this video below though, shows how you can make your own sharpener with a grinder and a tile blade that you can get at most hardware stores. One point to keep in mind, and Izzy starts out with this, is you do well to clean your blades, and he shows you how to do that as well. Enjoy!

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Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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