Great Pallet Dismantling Tool Plans!

palletsWe talk about pallets a lot here and recycling for woodworking. But that is because it is one of the greatest and easiest methods of getting free wood because so many companies will throw them out either once they are used, or once they have a broken board or two on them.

There are a few ways to dismantle the pallets. One is to just use a ton of elbow grease and rip it up with a pry bar. This has a good chance of busting the boards on it. Another method is to cut the nails with a reciprocating saw with a metal blade, or a bi-metal blade. This works very well.

But you can also go with this method below. Izzy Swan has created his own version of the pallet pal called the pallet pryer. Check out how easy it is to build this device and he also demonstrates how easy it is to use on pallets:

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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