More Great Pallet Dismantling Tricks

Wooden Pallet.Got this great video to add to our arsenal on dismantling pallets. We have a previous video of Al Forte showing how to cut the nails with a reciprocating saw from a few months ago. I went ahead and added it again below the first video here, just in case you missed it. That is why there is two videos.

But the first video below is Al Forte again, and he is showing how he gets the nails out of the boards fast and easily. Remember pallet wood can be free or very, very cheap, so don’t hesitate to get one and try to dismantle it for a project. I have seen beautiful cabinetwork done with pallet wood. I also have seen very rustic work done (which I still like) with pallets. And there is also tables, benches, and other furniture that have been built from pallets for beginners, but they still are great to use on these projects.

Also keep in mind if you do plane the wood on the pallets, you must take the nails out or it will ruin at least part of your planer blades. If you have a planer with a spiraling cutter, the whole thing will be shot. Anyway, enjoy the video!:

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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