Top Seven Must Haves For Your Workbench

hammer and nails on old wood table

The Workbench. A necessary tool for your workshop. Without it you can’t beat your wood into place. But with a workbench, you will want to add accessories to it in order to make it even more useful. So here are some of the add-ons that will make it a success:

1. Woodworking Clamp.

One of the most essential and basic accessories for your workbench is going to be a woodworking clamp. This particular product is available in many different sizes and shapes. They can be used in order to hold down different types of materials and work for various operations.

2. The Bench Dog.

These are various woodworking accessories that come in many different sizes and shapes. They fit into different holes that can be cut into a workbench. When used with a woodworking vise, they will allow for a more steady hold on the bench for different operations including; hand-tools and power-tools.

3. Holdfast.

This product is utilized as virtually having a 3rd hand to help hold different materials and workpieces against a particular bench for different types of tasks and reasons such as; planing, carving, and even chiseling. It should fit into round holes that are cut into your workbench. It should also be able to hold virtually any piece of any shape.

4. Planing Stop.

This particular product is also known as a ‘bench stop.’ It is a piece of wood that is ultimately secured to the actual bench top in order to avoid the workpiece from getting pushed off the bench during hand planing.

5. Bench Vise.

There are a bunch of different vises available for different workbenches. One of the most common is known as a tail vise. It is positioned on the benches end. Along with holding a material placed between two jaws, they can also be used in order to hold different large materials along with bench dogs.

6. Board Jack.

This product is actually very similar to the bench dog. However, it is positioned on the bench leg instead. This product assists the vise in order to support long boards. It does this by holding one side of the board in the bench vise while the other end rests on this product – the board jack.

7. Rubber Mat.

This product is often used in order to keep different materials steady while using power-tools especially. Instead of having to set up clamps all of the time, a rubber mat might suffice.

There are more accessories that you can add to your workbench. Hopefully these seven will get you off to a good start.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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