How Would You Like To Make Your Own Wood Roof Shingles?

Cedar ShinglesOdds are, most of us aren’t going to do this. But the actual concept of it is so cool. Making your own wood shingles. Shingling a roof has great costs. A new roof in itself has great costs. So what if you could actually make your own wooden shingles? Wouldn’t that drastically reduce the cost of a new roof? Of course it would!

If you can find a tree that has exterior properties – such as cypress or cedar or something similar (fir) – and you have a little time to not only make the shingles from the trees – but also wait about a year for them to dry (properly stacked of course.) – Then it would be a great project to give a go.

This video below shows you how to make your own wood shingles. So if you are prepared to take this project on, then you will definitely be proud of the outcome!

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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