Quick Measurements If You Are Caught Without A Tape Measure

tape measure isolated on white background

Ever been somewhere that you need to take a quick measurement and either don’t have a tape on you or don’t feel like you need to run all the way to the shop for one quick measurement?

Keep these tips in mind if you are caught without a tape measure. In this video of Steve Ramsey’s You will find that you can use:

– Your Index Finger Tip

– A Sheet Of Paper

– Your Hand Spanned From The Pinky To The Thumb

– The Hardware Store Floor Tiles

– And More….

Once you have these measurements in mind, then you will be able to at least get a good estimate if you are somewhere in need of taking a measurement, but don’t have that great invention – the tape measure. Now if you are in the hardware store and you are without a tape then do what I do.

Grab one off the shelf and put it back once done. Or you may end up doing as I do. I end up purchasing the measuring tape half the time because I put it in the basket and forget to put it back when I am finished.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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