Turn A Belt Sander Into An Edge Sander And Stationary Sander

Belt SanderBelt Sanders can be more versatile than one might think. We may think of a belt sander as this huge sander that you have to be extremely careful with or we will take off too much wood from a piece of lumber. Or you may look at it as just a huge sander that is limited in use. But this is far from the truth if you make a jig that holds it.

The jig in the video below will not only hold the sander upside down in order to turn it into a stationary machine, it also has hinges in the design so the jig can fold side ways and then the belt sander will turn into an edge sander.

Though using a belt sander in this manner isn’t going to have the power of a bigger stand alone machine, if you don’t have a production shop, or are limited in funds, it may do the trick for what you need. Just check out this great video below and again – modify it to fit your sander or needs.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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