Fixing Holes And Dents In Your Projects With Steam

dense smoke frame isolated on blackMany times when we are working on a project, we absolutely have to use screws to hold things in place for a second until we get something done – or we accidently will mar a piece of lumber or even a table top or something similar. So how do you fix these without always using wood filler or sanding the dog meat out of the wood?

Steam does amazing things with wood. Not just using a steam machine (though it is necessary in many applications) Izzy Swan will give you tips on using an iron to get the dents out of wood with just light sanding afterwards.

He also shows us how to close up certain screw holes, etc… using steam. He found a steam machine for 20 bucks but if you can’t even afford that – look for other methods of steam. I have an old steamer for clothes that my wife had in a consignment shop we owned years ago. This works well. Some use other machines and just repurpose them such as a steam cleaner.

Great video. Enjoy!

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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