SawStop Table Saw – It Will Save Your Fingers

FINGERS VS TABLE SAW Table saw accidentSome of us have seen this saw in action before, whereas some may not. I have wanted one for years, and have seen the saw in action. It actually doesn’t just prevent your fingers from getting cut off – it is also a great saw and cuts well.

The sawstop saw has a detector on it that will recognize the skin and if it barely touches the blade the mechanism will grab and drop the blade within 5 miliseconds. At most you will need a band-aid. It literally is that fast.

Once this happens you will have to replace the part on the saw because it will bust the mechanism, and this is around 80 bucks or so. But so what!? You will still have your finger or fingers and the hospital bill will be more than that anyway just for cutting your finger or hand on the table saw!

They demonstrate in this video using a hot dog, but I have seen a demo using someone’s hand. This saw really works, and isn’t as expensive as one might think. If you can afford one, it is definitely a saw that will help you feel confident about keeping your limbs (even the little ones like the fingers) if there was an accident.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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