Quick And Easy Custom Fit C Clamps

C ClampClamps are definitely a great tool for the woodworker. Most of us know that you can’t ever have enough clamps, but to have a zillion of them comes with great cost. So what do you do? As I have mentioned in many posts, make your own of course!

What I like about these clamps though is they are custom designed to fit a particular project. You can build them out of scrap wood as well, so that makes them cost effective. They fit real well and all you have to do is add a shim to the clamps.

Izzy Swan will show you once again in the video below how to make your own C clamps to fit a particular project that you are working on. And they are made with scrap wood so you usually can make as many as you need even if it means making a hundred of them. Enjoy!

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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