The Easiest (But Still Extremely Effective) Edge Clamps You Can Make From Scrap

ClampsThis has to be the easiest clamp that you can make yourself from scrap wood. I really like how it made use of old hole saws. It can be a pipe clamp substitute.

All it consists of is a strip of plywood, one small piece of scrap plywood on the end, and an old hole saw hole (needs to be a larger one, say 3″ hole saw hole), and a few screws.

I have a ton of holes from a 3″ hole saw that I never would throw away, and I am glad I didn’t. There is use for them besides making wheels for a toy! Very easy to build, they use just 2 small screws, one in the block on the end of the clamp, and one in the hole from the hole saw and that’s it. Great idea!

It is dirt cheap to make as well because you just use scrap that you have around the shop. He uses plywood strips here but if you have strips from any lumber it should suffice. Enjoy the video!

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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