Bar Clamps Falling Short? Extend The Length Of Them!

Bar ClampMost of us that use bar clamps (also called f clamps, g clamps, and speed clamps) have run across a situation where the largest bar clamp that we own falls short of the length we need in order to hold something together. What do you do then?

You lengthen the clamp! How is this done? You put two of them together. But you can’t just tape them together or wrap the two clamps into one. So what steps do you take?

This woodworker has an interesting way of pulling the two into one clamp. With a simple block of 2×4 scrap and some cutting, you can make yourself an extension for 2 bar clamps to make the length that you need.

One advantage is that you can continually use this 2×4 block as many times as you want to. It isn’t just for this one project. So save it for future use!

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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