Wood Planer Tips: How You Can Get More Out of Your Wood Planer

Beautiful Piece Of Oak WoodWhile wood planers usually work perfectly when you first bring them home from the store, some of them run into problems over time. In order for a planer to run at its best, it needs regular care and maintenance.

Luckily, planers are easy to take care of. If you follow these wood planer tips, you’ll be able to keep your device in like-new condition for many years to come.

Clean Your Table Frequently

Your planer should be getting a good cleaning after every use. Use mineral spirits and a soft cloth to clean it. Periodically, you should apply paste wax after your cleaning. The wax will ensure that boards will guide along the table smoothly.

Regularly Check the Planer Edge

Using a long straightedge, take a closer look at your planer edge. Examine the length and width of the table and see if there are any low spots. If you find any, have your table repaired right away.

Reduce Snipe

Make sure that you set the outfeed and infeed tables so that they’re slightly higher than the planer table. This will help take care of any issues you might be having with snipe.

Get Rid of Dust

Invest in dust collection equipment; it’s affordable and it will really make a big difference. You should also get rid of any dust that’s built up on your planer by cleaning it using a can of compressed air.

Watch for Build Up

If your planer isn’t running as well as it did in the past, there’s a good chance that build up is the problem. You should regularly check the planer to make sure there isn’t any build up. If you do spot it, clean the area out with mineral spirits and a soft cloth.

Check the Motor Brushes

In most cases, the motor brushes of the planer should be checked after every 100 hours of use. If you see a lot of wear on the brushes, you’ll want to have them replaced.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Screws

When many people are cleaning their planer, they neglect the screws completely. Make sure that you always take the time to clean the area around the screws. If you can’t properly reach the area to clean it, you can restore it to its original condition by using a can of compressed air.

Replace Dull Knives

A lot of people think they can save money by sharpening dull knives rather than replacing them. However, even sharpened knives usually won’t work as well as you need them to. If you see that the knives on your planer have gotten dull, you should spend the money to replace them.

If you take advantage of these wood planer tips, you’ll be able to keep your planer in perfect condition. A planer is an expensive piece of equipment, and it’s important to care for it properly. You want to make sure you get as much use out of it as possible.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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