Tips On Choosing Lumber For Your Woodworking Projects

The Timber YardWhen doing woodwork, it is very important for one to know what kind of lumber they should use. Choosing the wrong kind of lumber affects the end result of whatever furniture is being made. As such, there are several things to be considered on how to make this choice.

The first thing one should consider when choosing the lumber is what it will be used to make. If it is going to be used to make outdoor furniture then it is advisable to go for the type of lumber that does not rot and lasts for a long time in the elemnts. A good example of such is lumber from cedar, cypress, or even fir. If the lumber is going to be used to make floors or counters, it is best to go for the hardwood kind, like oak. This is because it is more sustainable, and doesn’t scratch and dent like a softer wood.

Another tip on how to choose lumber for woodworking is ensuring that the lumber is seasoned and treated. Seasoning refers to the process of drying the wood before it is sold. Since it is wet inside, it has to be dried to ensure it does not weaken the materials. The treatment is also important as it ensures the wood does not break down quickly. If it is being used for outdoor equipment, the wood is treated to prevent infestations from insects which can damage it.

Apart from that, when choosing the lumber, it is important to know that planed lumber and rough-sawn lumber is different in terms of measurement. The rough sawn lumber generally has bigger sizes because it has not been planed. Therefore, if you are planning to use this wood, you should get new measurements to avoid making miscalculations in the woodwork.

It is very important that one checks how the lumber has been stored. The storing process will affect the result of the woodwork. You have to ensure that the wood has been stored in a way that it has not been weakened or damaged from the inside. If stored poorly, you will have furniture weakening at a faster rate.

It is also advisable to check the condition of the wood as much as possible before purchasing it. When choosing lumber for tables or shelves, checking if the wood is bowed (as obvious as this seems – some forget to do so) – this is advantageous as these are items that require almost bullet straight wood.

Since hardwoods can be more expensive, you may want to look into softwood to ensure that you avoid unnecessary expenditure – if at all possible. If the woodwork does not require hardwoods, you can opt for softwoods and possibly save some money.

If you don’t know what to get – definitely ask at the lumberyard. Don’t just grab anyone, look for the owner or the overall supervisor. It is their job to know about the lumber they sell.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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