3 Simple Ideas For Small Woodworking Projects

Empty wooden boxThere’s something to be said for the power of building something with your own hands. With the likes of Lincoln Logs and LEGO building set toys, it even hits many of us when we’re young. Despite all of the entertainment that our increasingly complex electronic devices have allowed us, it’s still enjoyable to go back to basics with our hobbies once in a while. One of the most classic forms that tap into that desire to build is good old fashioned woodworking.

If you’re just starting out and looking to see if woodworking is for you here are 3 simple ideas for small woodworking projects:

1 – Simple Wood Boxes

You can always use another box or two in the house, and the central idea of a bottom, four walls, and a lid is simple enough for even the freshest novice to get a quick grip on. Start with a flat, 4-foot piece of wood and make sure you have a hand sander, a hand drill, clamps, tape measure, screwdriver and screws, wood glue, and a pencil for marking where you will cut and drill. Remember to remove any loose clothing or accessories, and wear protective eye covering before you cut and drill. The box itself can be any size or shape as long as it has four sides. Lids are optional, but much appreciated.

2 – Candle Holder

Three Small Candles In RowOnce you’ve mastered the basic box and sanding down corners until rounded, you can apply a lot of the same ideas to creating a small candle holder. As useful as boxes are, they won’t turn many hands. A candle holder however is a great idea for a gift. You’ll need some standard candles to use to guide you on making your holes the proper size. Two to four slots for candles should be more than adequate.

3 – The Peg Rack

Wood Rack for Spools of Sewing ThreadReturning to utilitarian woodworking with a less common idea, a peg rack is something a lot of people might not even think to buy on their own. With this, you mount several hook-shaped pegs onto a flat rectangular surface. The base needs some width, at least a half inch of solid wood. The pegs can be any shape so long as they’re able to support the likes of car keys without falling off. Screws are useful for support here.

With these ideas for small woodworking projects, you should be well on your way within the hobby. Even if they don’t turn out perfectly, go over them to see what you wish was better and use the experience to make another attempt. You’ll only get better with practice, just as with any trade.

If you find yourself in need of materials and don’t have the budget for browsing the likes of hardware stores, make use of modern technology and have a look at your local Craigslist postings. You’d be surprised how many people have piles and piles of lumber that they’re literally just giving away. With a bit of tenacity, you’ll always be able to find more wood as needed. As you go deeper within the hobby, you’ll even start spotting exactly what you want each new piece of wood to be as soon as you pick it up!

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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