The Value And Fun Of Making Wooden Gears

100 Percent Wood - Wooden IconGears. They may not seem practical to make your own, but they are fun to play with. You can find practical use with them as well.

I have shown a number of videos from Izzy Swan here and he loves to build gear driven projects. My favorite is the pallet pal that he built to take pallets apart. This is just one example of making a geared project and giving it practical use. It definitely makes a difference!

I was at my wife’s aunt and uncle’s house the other day and needed one thin board to finish a project at their home and found an old pallet. I said to myself “I know that I should be able to get at least one of the boards off without destroying the wood.” – Long story short, I killed the pallet.

They use a nail gun to put most pallets together and the glue on the nails, when heated up, instantly bonds with the wood grain. If I would have had a pallet pal made by Izzy life would have been great!

Wooden gears can be time consuming to build. But, he shows in the video below how to make them rather quickly. You don’t even have to cut the teeth out on the gears, you just have to cut a circle (or use a large hole saw) and….well, just watch the video to find out. Easy projects can be made with these type of gears. You can power them, as Izzy usually does, with a drill.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:55 pm
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