Adding Accessory Wings To Your Table Saw

Table Saw

Most woodworkers don’t have a large enough shop to be able to have every single tool in the industry at a separate station. A shaper, router table, table saw, bandsaw, drill press, drum sander, and the other various tools, on top of the work benches would definitely take a gigantic shop in order to house them all.

There are ways around this dellima though. You have to combine the tool stations to where you can have two or more machines in one spot. It also can bring the price of the new tool way down because you can turn for instance, your table saw into a table saw/router table by adding an extension wing to the saw.

Some will even have 3 or more tools in one station, by using the left side of the table on the table saw for one tool, and the right wing for another tool. (maybe a router on one side and a jig saw on the other. Depending on what you want.)

If you have plenty of room in your shop to where you don’t have to make these changes great. But again, most don’t. So we have to come up with methods of housing these tools in a limited space, and this will do the trick.

One tool that is used most in the wing of a table saw is a router, turning the table saw into a router table on one of the wings. Because this is one of the most popular transformations to the saw, I have found this video to help you build your own:

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:55 pm
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