Motivational Advice For Young Woodworkers Part 1 Of 2

Father and sonWith so many kids head deep into video games and TV, it might be hard to find a few who are interested in woodworking. However, if you happen to find some who find carpentry interesting, it might be hard to advise them accordingly, especially if you don’t know anything about it. Here are some tips on how to encourage young woodworkers on this skill.

Learn More About Woodworking

If your child sees you actually doing a few woodworking projects, he/she will be interested to learn more about it. Therefore, if you have no idea where to start, you should find ways to learn more about carpentry. By watching you, the young woodworkers will definitely become inspired and interested to try it. Thanks to the internet, you can watch any of the thousands of woodworking videos on YouTube and learn a few tricks.

However, since you are still a beginner, you should consider trying smaller projects first before graduating to the bigger ones. There are lots of projects you can do with your child. There are books with detailed instructions on how to get started on the smaller projects. Most of these books have detailed pictures as well as instructions on how to commence and complete these fun woodworking projects.

If you still don’t feel qualified to work on any project, you can always ask for help from your seniors. Definitely, your grandfather or someone older in your family might have a clue on what to do. If you choose to go this option, you need to explain to your child why you did it. If your child sees your eagerness to learn from another mentor, he/she will definitely pique interest in the subject.

Regardless of your experience in woodworking or lack thereof or your child’s age, reading and learning together is a great way to bond. He/she will feel your support and demand to learn more about woodworking. Whether you choose to learn from a mentor or other sources, learning together will definitely allow you to learn more about woodworking together with your child.

The Learning Process

If your toddler is around 2-3 years old, you might be worried if it’s the right time to start the woodworking lessons. There is no right time to start. However, as soon as you see your toddler banging and asking more questions about woodworking, maybe it’s a great time to start. As a parent, you definitely don’t want your curious toddler to go around the house banging on everything in the way. Therefore, by identifying a suitable workstation where the ‘pounding’ skill is more beneficial, your child will identify with his/her skill.

Every woodworker needs a workbench so you should consider buying one for your child. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be wooden rather a sturdy plastic workbench will do the trick. As for the woodworking tools, you might want to purchase the toy ones before the child is old enough to try out the real ones. Once your child is of age, you can slowly start introducing the real tools. This is yet another way to pique your child’s interest in carpentry.

Part 2 is going to focus on those after this age and teenagers. Stay tuned for this article! And keep your children interested in this great hobby!


Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:55 pm
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