Free Membership Site Is Up And Running For Testing!


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Free Membership Site Is Up And Running For Testing!

I have been talking about a new membership site I have been working on this past month for those that are looking to sell products either online or off. Many want to learn to do so, but aren’t really sure where to start. Or, if you want to turn your hobby or skills into a business – woodworking, arts and crafts, or otherwise – that can join at no cost. There is training and tools on the membership site that will help anyone that is interested in selling products or turning their passion into a business, and even expand the business they may already have. Or maybe you just want to be able to pay for new tools and materials to keep your hobbies afloat.

The site is not complete yet, but it has plenty of features and tools ready on it, so I am looking for those that want to try it out to do so. There is no cost, you don’t have to give your credit card or debit card to join, you just request membership and tell me the business you are wanting to start and I will give approval and email you with the login details. At first I was only going to have about 25 or so test the site out, but I think we can handle a good bit more than that.

I personally have a decade of experience running my outdoor patio furniture business full time, but again, there aren’t a lot that love woodworking that can do this. I was fortunate, I had inherited a pretty good sum back in 2005, and so quit my job and had months to research and experiment with a business before even starting.

The knowledge aquired isn’t just on running a business doing what I loved, but I also have had almost half a decade of marketing experience besides this, and again it is due to circumstances. My brother Jonathan Leger has a marketing firm where I have been able to work on top of the business and learn how to market my products that I sell.

If you would like to Join fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Or go straight to the membership site itself and signup by clicking below:

Again, here are some of the features of the site.


I have come up with a free website builder on the site. You will receive the free site for your business when approved for membership.

This is a business and in 30 minutes I turned out this example:

The business site is very simple to setup with your own items, you just switch the text out with your own, and the images out with what you have for sale.

And I know many don’t even know where to start on the website, so I have made it extremely easy to build one so that even the least tech savvy individual can just upload their images of the product and not much else if they want it simple. It will need to be your business site. Personal sites won’t be allowed because it is strictly for those with a business.


If you are a member we are going to help you sign up for a no cost answering service. This way if you are not available, or are working and can’t answer the phone, it can do so for you. The advantage? Not only will it make you look like a professional but also it will give you a free phone number to work as a business line.

You can connect it to your cell phone or home phone number – even though it will have its own phone number. You can set it up to where if you get a call and can’t answer, a text will be sent to you with the voicemail message that was left. If this is a potential customer, you can call them right back. Especially for businesses that are just starting out and have limited funds will this be helpful in preventing you from having to pay for a business line.


I have incorporated a forum for members only. On this forum you will be able to ask questions, make business contacts, and friends from the group (if you wish.) You will also be able to ask me questions there if you would like to consult with me about something. If you know the answer to a question asked, you can answer it too. There are many benefits of the forum, and as the membership numbers grow, the better the results.


There is going to be pages set aside so that you can add your business into the correct category, as well as your contact info (business name, contact email, phone, or whatever you wish.)

This board will be up so that if anyone needs your skill set – for example I spoke with an individual that made cabinets but found it cheaper to just contract out the making of the doors to someone else. So that is an idea. Also, let’s say you are looking for an individual that is a wholesaler of shipping supplies. You could contact them to find out about getting lower packaging costs, etc. If someone is looking for products to sell, they could get in touch with you about adding your item to their website, or to their products to sell at the next trade show, etc. Tons of possibilities.


There is going to be a section dedicated to places that you can sell your items – whether handmade or not. These will include online sales and “real world” sales, outside of the virtual universe. Many that sell products don’t realize there is more than just Amazon and Etsy (and to me eBay is now a joke). We will have them not only listed there, but will make it to where you can keep track of all of the ones you possibly signed up for. This way you aren’t having to try to remember where you are selling what.


So many that want their own business aren’t sure how to use social media sites such as facebook, twitter, and pinterest to help sell their items. Odds are you have heard of success stories of those that have their businesses on social media. It is almost a must today to use this avenue in your business, and we will show you how. It also will have a section that you can keep track of all the social media you are using for your business, so you don’t have to try to remember what is going on. (The business end is half of your business – so it is hard to keep up sometimes.)


There are going to be a ton of videos and articles to read and watch on starting up a business, expanding it, and staying motivated. They will act as training tools for your business. I used to say “why would I have to have something like that if I can just go to and find all I need?”

Since I have started this I have realized that the benefit of this is everything will be in one spot, organized, and in categories so you don’t waste time searching for the video. Also, there are so many junk videos out there, you have to weed through them to find what you need that is actually helpful. This is the same with articles you are looking for too. I will do all the sorting for you to take away this time consuming burden.


There are going to be a lot more features than what I have listed here. I am looking into having a tool on the site that you can find the trade days and festivals in your area in order to sell your products, a method of finding if the item you design and want to produce will sell, and much more.

Again fill out the form here in order to request free membership. For those skeptical, there are no strings attached whether you believe it or not.


Fill out everything in the form below. You will be sent an email with directions but sometimes it goes into another box such as spam or if using Google it may go to “updates.”


Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:55 pm
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