Repairing A Woodworking Mistake

woodworking mistake

Mistakes. If you are new to woodworking, odds are you make quite a few. But don’t fret, even the best of the best make mistakes. The difference is they usually know how to repair or correct a mistake. That’s one thing that will separate a pro from a novice.

A friend of mine that owns a cabinet shop that turns out top of the line cabinets. His employees, especially the new ones, definitely have their share of screw ups. But he doesn’t tell them to scrap that piece or the entire project does he? Of course not! That wouldn’t be practical and would get expensive.

Instead, he corrects the issue at hand. Even if a cabinet or countertop is too long, wide, or tall, – even if they are on site at the customers home, they correct it. And with just about any woodworking mistake, it can probably be fixed once you know how.

Say you planed a board too thin, you can always glue a thinner one to it, if you cut it too long, cut it again, too short – well that’s a different story, but in many cases you can still fix a good bit of those.

What about drilling holes in the lumber incorrectly? Can that be fixed? Now I am not talking about holes that wood filler will fit in – those are tiny. I am talking about large holes even 1/2 inch in diameter (or even larger).

Even large square holes such as from a mortising machine can be fixed. It takes a little effort, especially the first time. But once done, and the project is finished, nobody will be the wiser to the mistake. It will blend right in.

– Do you want to see how this is completed? Go to the video down below and check out how this woodworker fixes his mis-drilled hole quickly and easily. And keep in mind that we all make mistakes, even the best of us.

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