Build A Wooden Urban Sawmill And Create Your Own Lumber


saw millLast week I added a video created by Izzy Swan where he built what he called an “urban sawmill.” The sawmill was created on a smaller scale, but similar to what a lumber mill uses in order to cut and mill logs and branches into lumber. Many of us can get a hold of larger branches and smaller diameter trees, but have no means of milling them into lumber that we can let dry out and use in our shop for our woodworking projects.

I got a ton of feedback from the video about how awesome an idea it was. The problem is he built it out of steel, and many woodworkers may not know how to work with steel or have the tools to create the project with metal anyway. I talked with Izzy and asked him when he will have a wooden model available, and he finally has it ready. Not only is it built from wood this time, it is simplified and easy to build!

The urban or home saw mill uses your circular saw/Skil Saw for the cutting. Keep in mind that you have to get a beam saw attachment that replaces the blade of the saw. It is essentially a chain saw head that performs accordingly. You will see in the video he is actually cutting a decent size little log. This started to make me think, if you do actually have a chainsaw (many do) or if you want to purchase one just for the sawmill, you can get one and it still would be far less costly than a regular sawmill that uses a chainsaw.

I personally would go with a better brand than say one that you pick up at Walmart. I have had a few of those and they don’t last. Especially if you are cutting up 1000 board feet of lumber, you want something that won’t be cutting out on you all the time. Also, if you do go with a chainsaw instead of the circular saw, you will get a longer bar, and in turn can cut larger logs. But that all depends on what you can afford.

The video is below. It’s an awesome project. You get so much satisfaction with your woodworking pieces, but even more so if you even cut the logs and milled the lumber. Ask anyone that has done it and they will definitely say it’s more satisfying.

NOTE!!! – Someone gave me a great idea – instead of the chainsaw attachment or a gas powered chainsaw, an electric chainsaw will run you sometimes under 100 bucks! And they are quiet too. Anymore tips and modifications that will make this better use the contact tab at the top of the page and let me know.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:55 pm
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