Trick Using Wood Filler

I HAVE always been very messy when it comes to…well, about anything. Finishing, drinking, eating, toothpaste, and about everything else. Wood filler is no different. I waste so much of the wood filler when I am filling in nail holes.

This isn’t really a big deal all of the time, but there are times when you have wood filler that lighter in color than the wood that is surrounding it. You will end up with smudges all around the nail hole instead of just a filled hole.

I saw a professional woodworker one time fill his holes without any mess. I thought that I would give it a shot myself and it really does work.

You are going to need some masking tape. Once the tape is put down where the nails will be driven in, then go ahead and drive them as you usually would. You want them countersunk so use a nail set and seat them in the wood.

Put your wood filler on the area that you are filling in, and once you remove the tape, you will just have a tiny bit of wood filler left above the heads of the nails. Just sand these away and viola! No messy smudges.

Start out by putting a piece of tape down and then nail through the tape, setting the nails as you go with a nail set. This way the nail heads will go into the board to be filled:


Fill the nail holes with wood filler:

Remove the tape:

Once the tape is removed, sand any excess. Note, in the picture below, the top nail is an example of what is left when you just apply wood filler without tape. The other two nails don’t have any wood filler surrounding the nail.

This doesn’t just stop a mess, but the wood filler will absorb into the wood some, especially while you are sanding it, on the nail hole that was filled without tape. The inconsistencies will show, no matter what the sanding.

The other two nail holes filled with the tape will not have this problem. All you will have is the wood filler from the nail heads on these two, and that is much harder to see than the first nail.


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