Quick Tip – Cutting With A Hole Saw


A problem that many run across when using a hole saw is the burning that occurs around the hole or even on the hole that is cut out in itself. Many woodworkers don’t use the hole in itself, but even if you don’t there is the problem with burning around the edge of the hole that was cut out. So how is the burning prevented, or at least kept to a minimum?

You have to give the sawdust a way to escape from the hole saw’s teeth. If you don’t it will build up friction between the two rubbing together, and so it will cause burning around the hole edge and on the hole itself. There are a few ways to divert the sawdust.

If you want to keep the hole being cut out, then pass up this step:

If you are using the hole for say, wheels to a wooden toy that you are making, and you need the hole, try this.

Odds are you are using a scrap piece of wood to make the holes. This being the case, then try to cut the holes out on the edge of the scrap piece. When you do this, the sawdust will have a place to escape – the edge – and will bring the burning to a minimum.

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If you don’t want to keep the hole, then you can go with this step:

Make a smaller hole in the bigger hole with a spade bit first, before cutting out the larger hole. Before you cut the small hole though, you can scribe the large hole first, that way you will know where to put the smaller hole. It is best to put the smaller hole at the edge of the bigger hole because that is where the sawdust will build up.

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What this will do is make a passageway for the sawdust to escape, thus minimizing or even stopping any burning around the hole’s edge.


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