When Do You Become Classified As A Woodworker?

great cabinetThe image to the left came from a very talented individual that is now on the WooDesigner team. He emailed me and we talked a bit and with his credentials I was glad he contacted me to be part of the team. If I recall right, the image is an antique reproduction. He has had several pieces that he made that landed in popular woodworking magazines.

But what classifies someone as a woodworker? Do they have to have the skill to make the antique reproduction above? Here is the way I look at it, and most really should.

Many individuals wonder if they have met some kind of criteria to be labeled as a true “woodworker.” But really, isn’t that a bold statement to say to someone that uses tools to work and shape wood isn’t a woodworker?

Just because one may have more experience than the other, or one is considered a better craftsman than the other, this doesn’t mean that one or the other isn’t really a woodworker. If you have a few tools and love to work with wood, then you are one.

Some would say that you have to be above the normal do-it-yourselfer to fall into this classification. Sure, those with more experience are usually going to have certain talents above a regular carpenter, but this doesn’t put the carpenter out of the picture.

Technically then, you are going to be the one that makes the decision to call yourself a woodworker. This isn’t a call to be made by someone else. The main point of it all is woodworking is supposed to be enjoyable.

There isn’t anyone besides you that can make this call. Neither myself, the woodworking master next door, or so called “internet experts.” If you cut wood, nail wood, plane wood, etc.. you are a woodworker.

It isn’t all about meeting someone’s criteria. Having a good time while doing it is what counts.


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Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:57 pm
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