Is Your Workbench Giving You A Back Ache?

Back painDoes just a few minutes of use on your workbench give you a backache? When you are hand planing a board, do you just quit because it is too much work on your bench?

It can make a huge difference on your back if your workbench is at a certain height. It needs to fit you as well as the methods you use when working on it. The guidelines I have set out here will help you to make modifications to your bench, and it will be more comfortable to work on.

If you are tackling the project of building a new workbench, you can go with these pointers as well. So what should the height be?

The height on most benches that you purchase are 33-36 inches tall. Someone that is the average 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet tall, should be good with that height. Just 1 inch though in height can make a big difference in comfort levels.

There are many methods of determining what height will be the best for your bench. A method that is simple and effective is to measure the height from the floor up to the crease that is on the inside of your wrist. You can increase or decrease the legs length on the workbench in order to make the adjustments you need. If you are taller than the average, of course you would go up on the height.  If shorter, then the height will be less.

Why not try this out the next time you get a backache from working on your bench and raise or lower the bench to the perfect height for you and not Goliath or your 3 year old son?


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