Repairing Loose Tenons

mortiseWhenever you have one of your dining room chairs start to wobble, what do you do? Many will run to the tool shed, grab a nail or two, and nail the joint back in place that is loose. But nails aren’t going to last long.

One trick that works well is to fill up the mortises with wood shavings. The tenons are usually the culprit. They are loose in the mortises and need to be tight and stiff. So here is what you can do.

Take the legs apart first. Once this is done, clean up the glue that was used previously. First, you disassembled the legs and cleaned the old glue off the tenons and out of the mortises.

You can use shavings from your planer. 1/32 of an inch should do it. Wrap a shaving around each one of the tenons and apply glue to them. Once the tenons are dry, put glue into each mortise and insert the tenons.

If you have a rubber mallet, it can be used to tap the tenon into the mortise. Though much of the time you can’t do so, but it is better to do this in the winter time. This way the humidity will be lower and the wood will be drier.

The only thing it can do from that point is expand, and that is what you want it to do. If done in the summer, it could shrink enough to loosen it up again. But it will still be better than it was for sure.


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