woodworking sander photoA great sander for even the small shop is the drum sander – the drum sander starts as low as 500 bucks can go into the tens of thousands of dollars. Are they worth purchasing? It depends on your work, and your production.

I used a small one for years that I purchased from Grizzly.com for my outdoor furniture business. I tried it out and it was very productive, and it made for a perfect thickness. But if you are a cabinet man, then you would definitely want to go with a larger one. But most of us aren’t so a smaller one is fine.

The problem with the smaller ones is that you can’t run as much through them, and they are slower. But it still can speed up the process because you can just feed and feed and feed your parts through the sander. Now the only reason it worked for me is I always have used a helper, and they just worked on that while I cut out parts, etc.. And it isn’t a difficult process to catch on to. Similar to a planer in lowering the sander down a little at a time.

The little one is beneficial in ways, but not in others. If you are working by yourself, the little drum sander will slow you down. It goes so slow, and you can’t run more than one piece at a time on it.

Watch this video below if you want to see one in action. You will then be able to tell if you would like having one or if you think the expense isn’t worth it. There are those that build there own, but I just am not that person.

To get past the description on the video below – start at the 2 minute mark. It will discuss the sanders features at first, but to see it in action you have to skip ahead on the video to right at 2 minutes. Enjoy.


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