Shed Or Small Shop Built From Free Pallets – Plans And Ideas

Hand Pushing Workshop On Flip Board

That is right. We all love free material to work with such as with pallets, but have you ever gave thought to building a small shop or shed out of them? If you have the time, you can build a large shop, but keep in mind that this will not only take a lot of work to build, it will definitely take a looooooooong time as well.

But hey, if you have the time, that is great. Especially if you have been wanting a shop and weren’t sure how you are going to afford to build one. With pallets the cost can be free for the lumber, but there are other items that can be used at low or no cost. The guy in this 6 part series reuses the nails from the pallets, even to make hinges for a roll up door that he has made from the pallet stock (which I found pretty neat.)

He gives great tips for a lot of other things in the building that you can do instead of purchasing different items. They are recycled materials from around the home that you can substitute for hardware and more. He goes as far as giving you a way of getting a low cost or free metal roof for the building!

In these instructions the carpenter/woodworker is building the shed by adding to an existing wall. But you can use the concept to build a free standing building by just including the extra wall. So check out this collection of videos and start saving your materials today!

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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