Make Your Own Lathe/Tenoning Machine

Baluster ProductionOk, so odds are you aren’t going to be turning out spindles like these with this jig, but if you have been dying to turn something on a lathe, you still can make some great stuff.

This is a really cool video by Izzy Swan. If you can’t afford a lathe or just like to make your own tools like this, then you will be glad that you caught this video. It is a good one for sure. You have to use an electric drill to work it, and it needs to be a good, strong one. If you use a low powered one, you won’t be able to really keep the lathe spinning, the saw, router, or whatever tool you use to cut with will stop the piece from spinning. So keep that in mind.

Once again, this is a handmade jig, and not manufactured by any company, so USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! The video is for display purposes only. It definitely is a cool jig though, and if you do make one then let us know here at Woodesigner.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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