Foot Operated Home Made Scroll Saw

Scroll SawThe tool to the left is an electric scroll saw. Good little tool for those that cut out smaller objects, and do intricate work. But before this machine was invented, there were machines that did the work but without electricity. It was all worked with body power – using foot pedals or a single pedal. Sort of like the old sewing machines.

As crude as the one in the video below may look – this thing works. And it wouldn’t take that much time to build it. You can modify it if you want to make it a better machine. This is a foot operated scroll saw. A scroll saw can be used in order to cut out small objects from wood or softer materials such as plexiglass. Letters, little objects and shapes, etc..

The scrollsaw does a simliar work that the bandsaw does but on a tiny scale. It operates very differently too. The bandsaw will use flywheels in order to move the blade in one continuous motion whereas the scrollsaw moves the blade in an up and down motion – similar to the way you will cut a piece of lumber with a handsaw.

It goes back and forth so that you don’t lose the motion on the back stroke of the blade. You may not want to build your own scroll saw this way, because it still is going to be slower than an electric one. But it is still cool to see what can be done in your woodworking shop.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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