Build A Simple And Quick Workbench Vise

Old Vise And Tool In A Workshop Still-lifeThe vise to the left is an old one, but it is still very similar to the ones that we use on our workbenches today. The concept is the same and works great, so if it aint broke…..

Every work bench needs a vise on it. Well, it is better to have one, let me rephrase that. Once you have a vise on your workbench, you will be glad it is there. And if you build another work bench you will want to add it once you have used a vise on any other bench you own.

That is because you always want a hold down, or a clamp, or need a vise for something on a project you have going. It makes it easier in so many ways. What I like about this one is everything can be made from wood. One thing you can and will possibly modify is the screws for the vise. Most will just purchase metal screws in order to tighten up the vise but he makes his own here.

Actually, if you get the cutter that he uses in the video to make his own screws using a wood threader. This is a good tool if you plan on making your own wooden screws from time to time or are going to make a number of wood vises like this for the shop. But otherwise it is just flat cheaper (and easier) to just buy a few screws or threaded rods. A wood threader can run you about 50 bucks for a decent one.

Either way this is a great and easy vise.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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