Make A Great Push Block For Your Table Saw And Other Machines

Safety FirstPush Blocks are essential to safety on your table saws, routers, and other machinery in the shop. I have seen many woodworkers and cabinet makers that will have their fingers so close to the blade and router bits – and feel confident that nothing will ever happen.

My father-in-law was like that and he somehow went through his entire life without ever cutting his finger or fingers off. He did cut himself though on the table saw blade, and it was an encounter that could have been easily avoided if he just used a push block or push stick.

This video shows how to make a great push block that grips the work piece. There really isn’t one push block or stick that will work best for every application. This one is still great for many uses on the saw or other machines, but it is up to you in order to know what push block or stick to use and when.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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