Adding A Router Extension To Your Tablesaw

Macro Shot Of Router Bit Cutting Into WoodFor those with limited space, limited income, or both – you can add a wing extension to your table saw and turn it into a router table.

What I like about doing this is there is already a fence there for your router table. It is the table saw fence. It can then double as the fence for the router table, and if you have a good table saw, then you will have an accurate fence for the router as well.

What is good about this set up is the router table itself isn’t costly, so if you don’t have a router that you are going to use and have been looking to purchase one, then more money can go into the router. This will give you a better one. And a stronger tool like this, say a 2-3 HP router will make you happier than one that has less horsepower.

This doesn’t really take that much with regards to materials either when you go this route instead of building an entirely separate router table. So it is beneficial all around if you ask me. Saves space, saves time in building it – great plan. Enjoy the video!

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:56 pm
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