Your Easy Guide to a DIY Dog House

Every dog deserves a great home! Although dog houses can be quite costly, they’re easy to make if you have building experience. Here’s what you need to do to construct a home for your faithful friend.

how to build a dog houseStart by figuring out what size the house should be. If your dog is still a puppy, you’ll want to use their full-grown size for your estimates. The dog should have enough room to turn around and lie down in the house, and there should also be room for your dog’s food and water dishes.

Once you’ve chosen the dimensions for your dog house, build a base frame with 2x4s. Simply line up the boards and nail them together at the corners. From there, measure and cut a piece of plywood to fit over the frame, and attach it with nails.

Your next step will be to construct frames for the side and rear walls. These should also use 2x4s. Use center studs for additional support. Nail everything together, and construct the front wall frame. Don’t use a center stud for this — you’ll need room for the door.

Measure and cut plywood to go on the outside of all four wall frames. Once you’re sure the edges are flush, nail it on. Use a jig saw to cut out the door. This door should give your dog more than enough room to get in and out.

Once the walls are completed, connect them to the base frame and nail them into place. To make the walls more stable, you may want to toenail the corners. After this, you can start working on the ridge board, struts, and rafters, which will be constructed from 2x4s.

Once you’ve decided the pitch for the roof, cut the struts to the height you want. Center the struts on the edge of your both your front and rear wall frames, and nail them into place from the frame’s underside. Once again, you’ll want to toenail for extra reinforcement.

Figure out how much overhang you’d like your roof to have. Cut your ridge board to your desired length, then nail it in place. After that, cut three rafters for each side. Mark notches on the rafters so that you’ll know where they’ll meet the wall frame, and cut them with a saw.

Nail the boards in place and secure them. Cut additional boards to fit between the rafters and attach them. Attach plywood to your new construction so that it matches the rest of the house. After that, your dog house will be complete.

From there, all you have to do is customize the dog house. You may want to attach shingles to the roof, or to add some paint. You should do whatever you want to do to make your dog’s house feel like a home.

Building a dog house isn’t as hard as it might appear to be. As long as you’re handy and have the right tools, you can build the perfect home for your pet.


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