Make A Circular Saw Crosscutting And Miter Jig!

The circular saw/Skilsaw is an extremely versatile tool. The reason though many woodworkers won’t use it much in the shop is because it is crude when it comes to cuts. Wood Working requires accurate, more precise cuts, and on it’s own, the circular/Skilsaw doesn’t – well – cut it.

When it comes to making crosscuts in panels in the shop or even cutting 2x lumber, it’s a pain to try to use the circular saw. Especially miter cuts (angled cuts) on 2x lumber and smaller woodstock it can be difficult or even impossible. Of course, you can use a miter saw (if you have one) on smaller lumber but what if you DON’T have one? What if you have no room for a chop saw of sorts? What if you are just starting out and only have a circular saw? Also, you can’t use a miter saw – even one that slides to get the extra length – on a miter cut that is say 2 foot wide right?

There are a number of jigs and sleds that can be created for your circular saw to make these precision cuts. The problem with many of them is that you have to constantly clamp and re-clamp the jig to either the lumber or panel you are cutting. Sometimes even measuring in the process. So it is a headache. But not with this awesome jig.

Always keep in mind that you can extend this jig to cut an entire sheet, but to do so you will have to make it at least 49 inches wide to handle the sheets. If you make the sizes in the video you will be limited to smaller panels.

The first video is the simple, easier to build cross cutting/mitering jig and the second one below it (my favorite of the two) is the Max Cut 2 – built and upgraded by the same woodworker.

Updated: February 16, 2017 — 11:55 pm
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