How To Build A Wooden Coat Rack

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Nowadays coat racks are not a popular item in contemporary homes despite being one of the most convenient home accessories.  These devices are designed to provide an area for people to hang their coats, hats, scarves and other outdoor wear when entering a house instead of having to carry the clothing around with one.  Today manufacturers have created a variety of coat racks from which to choose; however, there is the option of tapping into your creativity and building a wooden coat rack yourself.  This can seem daunting, but by following this short guide you can create a spectacular rack on your own.

The tools

To build a wooden coat rack you will need the following resources:

– sandpaper
– wood screws
– four metal coat hooks
– 4 x 4 inch wooden plank measuring 8 ft. long
The procedure

1. Begin by sanding down the 8 foot long wood plank using the sandpaper.  Smooth the surface of the lumber carefully paying attention to the edges of the plank.  It is recommended that you utilize two different types of sandpaper in order to obtain a ‘finished’ effect using medium-grit paper initially, and then complete the sanding and smoothing with fine grit paper.

2. Next, locate a mounting point on the sanded post to determine where the metal hooks will be installed.  Using a pencil, mark this location on all four sides of the post indicating where each of the metal items will be placed.

3. Once the markets have been made, drill a pilot hole using a drill and drill bit.  The bit must be slightly smaller than the screws being used to attach the hooks.  Place a hook on the post inserting the screws through the mounting holes, and then tighten the screws using a screwdriver.  Repeat this technique on the other three sides at the marked points.

4. Find the center of a 2 x 2 square piece of plywood marked at approximately one inch thick.  Once the center location is marked with a pencil, draw straight lines from each corner across the point to form an ‘X’ shape through the center.  Finally make a point on each of the lines that is one inch from the center mark.

5. Finally, drill a hole through all marked points along the X making the holes slightly smaller than the wood screws you will be using to attach this base to the wooden coat rack post.

6. To assemble the rack locate the center point in the bottom of the post – the bottom being the side opposite to where the hooks have been installed.  Place the square base against this bottom area and attach it with a decking screw.  Align the square base with the long post and utilize the holes as a guide to drill holes into bottom of the post.  Insert decking screws through the holes and tighten with screwdriver.

Final words on the matter

As can be seen, creating a wooden coat rack is rather simple if following this brief guide.


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