Quick And Dirty Tripod Phone Holder


I needed to take some videos with my phone and wanted to put the phone on my tripod.

I am sure there are commercially available adapters that you can purchase but I neither had the time to go shopping not wait for one to be delivered so I decided to make a quick and dirty holder out of a scrap 2×4.


What I did is cut the end of a scrap piece I had from another project to get started. I set my miter saw to cut at a 30 degree angle.


I also started the channel that the phone is going to sit in at 30 degrees.


Since most phones have different thicknesses eyeballed the thickness of my phone and will make the cut that will serve as width of the slot. I used the laser pointer as a gauge for the thickness.


Here is the cut the distance again should be approximately the width of the phone you want to hold on your tripod, not too loose and certainly not too tight.


So I then I continued to cut the wood in between out. You could use a dado blade if you want to make a cleaner cut but since this was quick and dirty well, you get the point.


While doing this I found out that my laser pointer was not exactly right on. I wonder if it was because I had the saw blade at an angle…I will worry about that next time I got to make any cuts.


So I kept cutting…

You can see that the bottom of the slot is not very flat but it does not matter since (you guessed it – it is quick and dirty) that should hold the phone somewhat, make sure that yours does not fall out as you are trying to adjust your shot. Mine worked great.


So now comes the part where the phone holder needs to be attached to the tripod. Most tripods use a ¼ x 20 screw to attach a camera usually from the bottom. Most phones if any don’t have this option as far as I am aware. I will drill a home from the top and tap the t-nut into the whole so I can screw it down from the bottom to attach the hold to the tripod.


I measured where I wanted to drill the hole. I used a drill bit as to drill a pilot hole the size of the shaft of the t-nut.  I also measured the t-nut and used an appropriately sized wood bit to drill out so the t-nut would slip down it as shown.


Here is a picture of the holes that I made first the pilot hole so the shaft of the t-nut would fit in. Then the wider one so the t-nut would slip down into the hole. As for how deep to make the bigger hole it was trial and error and it will depend on how long the bolt is that is sticking up through your tripod that it used to fasten a camera or in this case the phone holder.


Drop the t-nut down in the hole. Use a bolt with a nut or a socket (or the proper sized punch you should always use the right tool for the job) to embed the prongs into the wood.

I used a hammer and a make shift punch out of a bolt and a nut.


I did not think that this was going to be deep enough into the wood but the bolt sticking out of the tripod was able to grab the holder at this depth. As you can see there are not many threads on that baby.


I cut the piece so that it was not so long and would fit better on the tripod.


This is the semifinal shot of the quick and dirty phone holder for your tripod.


Here is the final quick and dirty phone holder I did sand it down a little to get rid of the pencil marks but it is bare and beautiful.


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