How to Build a Trellis in Your Garden

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A trellis makes a great addition to your garden, especially if you are a fan of climbing vines. A trellis will help to protect your home’s siding, giving the vines something to grow around and offering enhanced privacy too. You can turn a trellis into a beautiful focal point in your garden quite easily.

Building a trellis can seem like an intimidating task at first, but it is actually a fairly easy DIY job. You will need the following;

Circular Saw
Speed square
Straight Edge
Combination square
Posthole Digger
Digging Bar

You will also need some wood. You can expect to spend about $500 on wood for a large trellice if you use high quality cedar. You can reduce that cost significantly if you use pressure-treated wood as well, and if you plan on painting the wood then choosing cheaper wood could be a good option.

Time Required: Give yourself a few days to build your trellis – this makes a great job for a long weekend.

Step By Step Instructions:

You should break the job down into three phases. Use day one to measure everything up, cut the wood, and notch the pieces on the frame. On the second day, built the panels, and then use the third day to put the trellis in place in your garden.

Note that when you are sizing the frame, you will need to add some extra length for the posts itself. Don’t simply make the trellis as tall as you want it to be when standing in front of your property – add some extra length for the posts, and a one-foot clearance between the trellis itself and the ground. This will give you space for cleanup.  Ideally, you should make the posts that support the trellis be approximately one third of the height of the trellis itself. This may seem like a lot, but remember that the trellis will be supporting plants, and they could be quite heavy.

Use your speed square to guide your circular saw while you are cutting the uprights and the horizontal parts of the frame. Next, cut panels from the lattice, measuring them carefully so that they fit the frame.

Once you have made the frame, the next step is to locate the notches and mark them out. Locate the bottom notches by measuring up from the bottom of the frame about one foot (of course, leaving space for where the posts will be buried). Use a scrap 2×4 to represent the width that you want the notch to be, and mark out the notch using your speed square, taking care to ensure that the scrap is square against the lumber. Repeat this marking at the top of the uprights. Next, carefully make kerf cuts into the lumber, and then smooth out the notches using a chisel.

Once you have the notches in place, you can assemble the frame. Do the outer part first, and then attach the horizontal frame pieces. Once the frame is made, put the lattice in place and secure it into the frame by installing the caps. You are now ready to lay the frame into the ground.

Dig out holes for the posts. Install the trellis making sure that the posts go deep into the ground, and then tamp the ground around the post so that the trellis is secure and stable.


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